Tenyoshi's Daintiness
Soon after you passed the store curtain, you will be surrounded by delicious aroma of sesame oil.
We are using the best and pure sesame oil.
We strive to maintain the tempura tradition in the Edo era, but at the same time, keep looking for new ingredients for innovation.
Having a glass of alcohol in one hand, and eating the freshly fried hot tempura with nature salt.
Isn’t it a pretty cool and stylish scene?

You are also welcome to have your tempura in the way you like with cold tempura soup or lemon juice.

We buy the best ingredients from various markets in Japan, including Fukuoka, Matsuyama, Osaka, Tsukiji, Sendai and Hokkaido. In addition to tempura, our kitchen has a good repertoire in a la carte dishes. You can enjoy from appetizer, sashimi, grilled and boiled dishes to limited-time seasonal menu.



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